Earl Rice


You will still run into hundreds of HR Specialist that say if you are retired, you don’t get Veterans Preference for RIF, end of statement. Department of the Army had a crack down on this, and scrubbed the records to set this straight. In my “new” Agency, an inspector from Washington, DC, stated that retirees don’t get Veterans Preference for RIF, end of statement. Took me about 30 minutes to dig out the laws and show it to my boss where he was wrong (interesting was she stated that she knew he was wrong, just didn’t say anything to make sure the inspection results didn’t get skewed downward). And, in training just a month later, the instructor (also working under the DC HQ) stated she always thought it was that way to, until one of her folks came up and showed the changes to her, and she agreed that disabled retirees can get Veterans Preference for RIF. (It’s not that Title 5 changed that much, just the definition of instrumentality of war, and war and simulated like conditions changed dramatically).

There are numerous HR Specialist that haven’t necessarily kept up with changes as they have come out (especially if there were no big bulletins, and the Agency force corrective action).

I also am concerned with all “we want the best and brightest college graduates” to come into the Government. I saw an article where CGI Federal and Quality Software Services Inc. were hammered for hiring “kids” straight out of college (the best and brightest) with very little experience to put the web site together. Sure didn’t work very well for them to hire the “best and brightest” young college grads. Supposedly, they are calling in experienced experts now to fix it. I ask, why didn’t they do that to start with? There are advantages to having experienced people doing things.