David Dean

This is the only blog I post on. I posted on the PMF blog for 2013. Really poked a pin into the swelled heads of some recent graduates. Many veterans have won cases. For whatever reason I have become the person to hate by vet bashers. I find it amusing the things that are posted about me. In fact I love it. I am not the only vet that has fought for change. I will not be the last. If it is not posted under David Dean, I did not post it.

One stalker attempts to follow me around and rant about the FCIP hirees I could not get fired. The damn fool does not seem to realized I have roughly nine years in federal labor relations, and began with a three years Army Internship. There was not anyway those people were going to be fired. I did manage to stir up the babble.

The fool has never hear of PHSYOPS.