Julie Chase

I don’t know you, but apparently you have an axe to grind with me. I am “agreement” with you, if that matters any. I “know” what the rules are. I am not going to change them, as if. However, at the start…I “didn’t” know about vet preference. I have read extensively about you. I have read other blogs over the years. David, I get it. Really I do. David, it is what it is. Have I not stated that? Yeah, I did. Yes, vets apply for Schedule A. I am also chaptered and versed on Schedule A. I guess I should have asked “you” first….because no one in my agency would tell me anything….I had to find it out piece by piece. There are many others who thought vet preference went away, when really it didn’t. People being people were doing work arounds until they were caught….by and large, by you. I know the chawin’ managers you speak of….they want to continue the “good ol” boy network and it refreshing to see that come to and end. As a union delegate and steward, my husband was actively involved in the discovery of who got promoted and who didn’t. Some managers went as far to say that military experience doesn’t count as experience in the civilian world if the jobs are the similar.

My point is…..why do fed networking sites, blogs, and even fed news articles practically go begging for “young college grad, innovative thinking” hires? What is the point in that? Why say it, when they don’t have a snowballs chance in Hades of even making a cert? Do you get it now?

You spend a lot of time on Fed Soup, Fed News Daily, Govexec and Fed Times…..I am not the disgruntled college student who clogs the blogs with anti-vet rants. I know who you are referring to and that isn’t me.

My husband got his fed job because of vet preference. Do you really think I want to change that? Come on now, be real. I have no cause….only in your mind. I would hate to think your cause has made you paranoid.