David Dean

Julie your opinions, and that is what they are, do not have a basis in fact, government wide regulation, or statute to support your position. Tim’s posting above you is an exellent discription of federal hire. You vent about us, you insult us, and you openly display your bare hatred for us. Of course I realize your opinions will not affect veteran hire in the least. Your whole vendetta againist veterans is because your relative cannot find a federal job. Veterans apply for Schedule A jobs, and when they apply your relative stays at the back of the line.

Have you ever considered working to get the law changed. The US Supreme Court, the President of the United States, the Senate, the House of Represntatives, and most important the Court of Appeals for the Federal Service and the Merit Systems Protection agree with us concerning veterans hiring in the federal government.

You have a right to attempt to abolish veterans preference, go for it. Venting about us in a public forum may make you feel better, but does not help your cause.