David Dean

Julie Chase you might consider starting a thread titled Let Us Bash Veterans. If I remember correctly the outstanding college graduate you constantly refer too is a relative. You admit that you have lobbied upper management to by pass federal law and illegally hire him. Upper management where you work has had the good sense not to become involved. That would be a Prohibited Personnel Practice. It would be a career stopped for the official. The old days of evading hiring veterans by using the so called Outstanding Scholar Program are over, most were not outstanding nor scholars. The same goes for the Federal Career Intern Program. That era is over, and it not going to return.

If you are displeased with veteran preference, have the law changed. The First Amendment to the Constitution gives you every right to petition your government. Do so with vigor. I doubt if you will succeed, but it is your right. On the other hand it our right to insist that federal statutes, Code of Federal Regulation, and Executive Orders be followed to the letter, which we do. It is our right to insist that veteran preference be administered in a legally and regulatory correct manner.

There discrimination in the Pathways Program, and it is an attempt to use the Pathways to evade hiring veterans. Those very deliberate attempts to bypass veterans are being pursued in the Merit Systems Board and the Court of Appeals for the Federal circuit. They will continued to be pursued until the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit renders a final decision. Please, get some new material.