Earl Rice


“Some will say it’s too “negative” so they stay away or the realization that it’s not an overnight fix. Me, I think it’s the former. GovLoop isn’t know for hard hitting discussions.”

You are very perceptive. I don’t think of it as negative. This is reality. There’s a difference. And some folks just aren’t ready for a good dose of reality. As far as Vets Preference, well it isn’t going to go away. Neither political party nor the Whitehouse are going to take this one on. Veterans’ votes have the power to change elections. I know of one Congressman that was told if he didn’t start supporting the Veterans in his district, they would make sure it wasn’t his district anymore. And they were dead serious, and had power behind their promise to make it happen, even if they had to go door to door to make it happen! The problems is very few people outside of HR really understand how the system works, especially the kids right out of college. And, now with the Pathways Program (and I wrote some of the responses for Veterans Groups when there was the solicitation in the Federal Registry for comments….and almost all of the comments ended in the program) have Veterans Preference embedded in it, it is going to be hard for a college grad that isn’t a Veteran to be selected (or at least selected legally). And, we are seeing the GWOT Veterans starting to graduate from college now, looking for jobs, and they know all about Veterans Preference. These guys and gals are far from being stupid (and if they find out they were bypassed to hire a non-Vet, they know exactly who to contacts to start the appeal going).

As far as the government IT side of it. The Government IT has kind of turned into a mess. I know how there are the grand ideas, but they will not go beyond such. I saw the same thing 10 years ago. And regrettably, I haven’t seen my job in HR get any better. Oh it is automated, and the keeping of statistics is great (most of it never used except to justify the gatherer’s job), but at the grass roots level, nothing has changed, if anything it has gotten worse.

Investing money into big data, I would rather see it go to infrastructure.