Earl Rice


I will give a good example. A vacancy announcement for an and advanced audiologist with special certifications and qualifications. This is a very specialized field, and even more so with the some of the requirements. It took me all morning to rate just 5 applicants. And, I wasn’t goofing around, I had two 8 minute breaks. Luckily there weren’t that many applicants. But with the way the assessment was structured, those that I did get were imminently qualified. I worked on it the rest of the afternoon and stayed late to get it done.

Before our network started having problems back in July, I could have finished it in an hour, hour and a half at the most. And the real ramifications, in the mean time, while doing this, I also had 5 announcements that needed to be posted (got 2 out today…the latency even caused some issues with that), professional standards board packets to review and send to a Regional Board, 3 pay actions to “fix” people’s pay problems, plus a backlog of housekeeping chores because we track staffing progress in 3 different systems, and 4 different shared sites (all affected by the latency). Something happened in July to cause all this mess, and nobody will say what it was. Our OI&T tried to blame the issues on OPM. But OPM came back and specifically told them what IP addresses were causing the problems, and that those addresses were registered to them, not OPM. And from what I can tell, the latency issues caused the entire Agency to miss its goals for staffing times.