Mike Giuffrida

Earl – thanks for all of your input into this discussion. I was shocked to read that it takes you 4 to 5 minutes to open 1 document! I actually did the math and, being nice about the times, that equals 67 hours of what I’ll call ‘down’ time. 1.5 to 2 weeks of work time just *waiting* for documents to open. Even considering your network limitations – you would not have that experience with alternative solutions.

There has been a real paradigm shift in recent years where, to your point, the technology we have at home exceeds the technology we have at work. This is the first time in history where that is the case. We expect more of our systems at work as a result, and on current trends, the gap will continue to widen and continue to erode competitive advantage for those who do not continue to invest in Technology successfully. And it certainly sounds like you have a compelling ROI right there in rating your applicants.

Your messaging around the challenges posed by Veteran’s Preference is coming across clearly. We have introduced a lot of automation to help streamline the management of Vet’s Preference, however this does not take away from the legal requirements that must be met which impact on your outcomes.

Perhaps in the first instance, we need to concentrate on optimizing solutions to significantly minimize the technical down time you are experiencing through your ‘rating the applicants’ process. This in itself would allow you to more than double your output. On your example above it would save you 58 hours in the rating of your applicants for that single vacancy.

Thanks again for you participation in this discussion.