Julie Chase

We have NMCI, the absolute worst of the worst. It seems to me “outsourcing” IT is the dumbest move ever. I can’t “download” anything, I can’t use a thumbdrive…..I can’t send multiple documents because it “won’t go through.” I have asked, “why can’t I send these documents?” Answer, “you may have to send them one at a time, you have limit on what you can send.” Well, “can I have more storage “space”? No, it’s not in the contract…can I have some, whatever, “No, it’s not in the contract”. My supervisor would like everyone, including the WG to have Adobe Pro on their computers. NO….it costs too much and it’s not in the contract. Geez louise, when sending a mundane email becomes a giant boondoggle…don’t the powers that be think we need to revisit “the contract”.

I find it amazing that Amazon.com can have a worldwide website and we can’t even send an email with an attachment. Maybe the President should call Jeff Bezos and see if he can help out with the healthcare website. oh yeah, and that was “outsourced” to a firm in Canada. Yep, the American people are stunned and amazed…..but not surprised. Amazon doesn’t crash on Black Friday, with world wide participation, so he must be doing something right. DoDemall is awful…I avoid it like the plague. I like GSA Advantage for procurement, however, it still has a few bugs to work out. The fed supply system is a joke and should be scrapped immediately. A total waste of time. Oh and if you have an Ability One Skilcraft desk calculator, take a peek on the backside, it reads, “Made in China”. But “we”, “I” can only purchase TAA items. Also, your claw staple remover, from Ability One, or GSA Global….yeah, made in China, right on the box.

IT, don’t get me started. And forget BYOD, it’s not going to happen in DoD. We are loaded to the max with security bloatware that is “installed” by defense IT contractors….go figure. NSA anyone? really now. :o/ My computer drives just like your 1961 Ford Falcon. :oD It hangs up, it freezes and the little blue circle spins round and round. We just got Windows 7 in August and already we are behind the curve.

RE: hiring. It will literally take an “act of Congress”….ha ha….but it seems…well…they aren’t a group fed employees can count on right now.

Right now I am planning a retirement for two of my co workers. 30+ years they have invested in gov service. Once they go…..oh well, out goes the knowledge and it will take a year maybe more to get new people in. As a customer service front liner….it really bothers me that I won’t be able to deliver service in an efficient manner because we will be short handed….for however long.

Just a GS5, trying to hang on. Keep posting Earl,till somebody takes off their rose colored glasses and realize that all the “trendy” hiring and connections are worthless. And if indeed the social media hiring is going on when it’s not supposed to….well, some billy/suzy may find themselves unemployed because they were not hired properly.