Julie Chase

ah, what can “we” do to make it better. The answer is, “We can’t”. It is what it is. The regulations/policies/orders are such that,…”you and I” in the trenches have “NO SAY” on how it goes.

With all the special hiring preferences in place, the young college grad looking into gov work doesn’t stand a chance as the line before him/her is a long one. This is the reality that Earl Rice shared on this topic. Thank you Earl for bringing it to light. Hiring for the fed is not the Facebook, LinkedIn, Social Media, networking that some would have you believe. Social media is useless in the fed hiring process. Being “connected” means absolutely nothing. Innovation and a 4.0 GPA is not going to get you in the door ahead of a vet, ahead of a disabled vet, ahead of a …….name something. With the exception of the CIA and other agencies who have their own “free for all” hiring process. I’m in DoD and it’s a nightmare. The average age of any worker on my installation is 45….and rising. The 55+ CSRSers are waiting for the winning $$$ VSIP “or”, if there is a change from the high 3 to a high 5, they are gone. It really doesn’t matter about technology….because the process is still in place and guided by “so it is written, so let it be done”. And with all the “transparency” going on, “HIRING” has a bullseye on it’s back. Working within the constraints will take forever…..and I know it won’t happen before I retire in 2021. You asked if there is one area we could choose to focus on and improve? Yes, end the “regional” HRO’s and bring them back to the individual installations. The HRO folks “know” the area, they know the people and the “know” the rules/regulations/polices……HRSC Norfolk has no clue what we need at our installation…..the personalization has gone out of the hiring process. You are a number on a file and young people never hear back “hey did I get it, or didn’t I?” And they are waiting…..they are leaving our little burg where our installation is located for greener pastures in the private sector. Truth is truth. You …..down at the bottom of the food chain, have no input on hiring policy. All that is done “on high”. See Earl’s post for specifics. It sucks, but this is what have to work with.