Mike Giuffrida

Great points Alesia! I agree – workforce planning is really the place where it all begins. Understanding the workforce the agency needs to deliver on their mission in the short and longer term is key. Particularly in the current environment, it certainly feels like that lack of workforce data has been so limiting for so many. The disparate systems, the inability to get access to information makes it so difficult to plan and to introduce new initiatives.

From a high level, I really believe this has to be one of the central starting points. Solve the problem of disparate data so that you can see where you are. Only then can you move forward.

I am encouraged that many of the agencies we speak to very much recognize this, and want to do more. They want to put the fundamentals in place to make better decisions. This will take time, and everyone is already under so much pressure – but you have to get started at some point to get access to real-time metrics.