Mike Giuffrida

Hi Julie, yes, apologies – I am back on deck and have been catching up on the discussion. The response to the posting has been really interesting and very valuable so thank you to all. It was also interesting to see a big article in the Post on Sunday regarding ‘Young workers souring on federal careers’. Such a topical area with varying view points.

In following the discussion however, I do keep coming back around to a question which is….what can we do to make things better, even a little bit better?

From my initial posting, I was hoping to stimulate just this discussion (thank you again) and back it up with some high level points regarding some areas where we may be able to focus on improvement. There are new technologies that have been adopted in the commercial market for some years that are now available within Fed. Traditionally this sector is challenging from a Technology stand point due to many of the complexities in the Federal Hiring process, as has been outlined in this thread. But these new technologies are there now. So can we leverage these new tools in ways we haven’t been able to before?

There is no question there are many challenges at the moment, budget and process constraints being prime examples.

However, understanding and working within the constraints, is there one area we could choose to focus on and improve?