Julie Chase

So I guess to get the rest of the CSRS’ers out….a VSIP is order. And not the 25K freely given back in the early 90’s. This is what they are waiting for. I heard it from the horse’s mouths. (lol). They will go, if the price is right. Otherwise, they don’t care if they force RIFs on others, because they know they will be staying for the long haul. I really appreciate your knowledge on this subject matter, as most are unaware of how it is “supposed” to work. Do you know “where” in the pecking order, persons with Schedule A disabilities fall …after Vets, Disabled Vets, PPP, military spouse, et al. Specifically a person which Schedule A who is not a vet, college educated in the STEM area?

I find it puzzling on just about every fed blog or site, the mantra is, “young college folks”….come on over to the feds…we need you…we need innovation, fresh blood, new ideas. But the way the hiring is set up…it’s like a door slammed in their faces….so they look elsewhere.

Not sure how it is with other agencies, but in DoD, everything, and I mean everything is tightly controlled by a policy/regulation/order. You cannot come in the door, be innovative and think outside the box….and think the “way things are done”, from procurement to IT are going change. They are not. Those directives come down from “on high”. I believe those coming in with “innovative” ideas will find themselves “stifled” real quick like….as someone will say, “Directive/order/regulation clearly states, this is HOW we will do it.” You cannot circumvent the procedure. It “is” about the “process” in all of DoD.

I believe this is how it is with “hiring” as well. Yes, I see more furloughs on the horizon and possibly RIFs as well. If they (whoever they are) would start at the TOP, it would be obvious that is where the “fat” needs to be cut. But alas, the bottom (where I am) is the first place that gets the axe. How can “anything” be left standing if the “foundation” is ripped out?