Julie Chase

Sure. That happens alot. When I came on board as a temp….I had no idea how many DD forms were used and what they were used for. And it was supposed to be automatic that I knew what they were for. I didn’t understand all the password, logging in on the computer (2001) that you had to do before the CAC became law. I didn’t know that everything you did in your job was “scripted” by a regulation/order/policy. And working in your PD is all you are going to do…no more, no less. It doesn’t work with our GS’, because we do not have a bargaining unit. WG’s…if it’s not on the PD they aren’t doing it. It is what it is. No one really knows what to “expect” when hired. No one knows the many regulations/order/policies therein. And yes, we all are aware the job description can be tailored to “who” they have already decided who is going get the job.