Alesia Booth

Mike – the one left off the list that I find is the most important is “Commit the resources to recruiting and retaining talent to achieve the agency’s mission.” I find that agencies want to streamline, they want to engage, but they don’t take the time or commit the resources to do the work. I can think of only a handful of agencies with actual recruiters – real, live people who engage with applicants either at events, through social media or both – and even fewer agencies performing regular workforce and succession planning to determine the agency’s needs. Until leadership changes from their post-and-pray routine, we won’t be able to fill seats with the right person to do the job. There certainly is no shortage of applicants – just a shortage of the best and brightest at the right time.

What I’d love to see is those few agencies that do engage sharing their return on investment and lessons learned more often – make this a regular conversation rather than concentrating solely on time-to-hire.