Steve Ressler

I think would be interesting as part of reform to look back at ideas from Better Buy Project. The previous ideas looks like to be down but blogs on topic are here – http://betterbuyproject.org/blog/2009/12/moving-the-better-buy-project-forward-an-exercise-in-change.html

I think to improve we might actually have a lot of items in place just need to modernize/streamline and promote them and use them more.

For example, there are lots of programs to help small businesses that would probably interest newer tech firms that might be able to provide solutions if they were a little easier to register and less byzantine.

Or there’s a lot of efficiency gains we could get if gov’t bought more from GSA as schedules already in place and centralized place for folks to get on schedules. However, still lots of procurements don’t use GSA for various reasons (culture to potentially bad experiences in past w/ GSA)