Dustin L. Allison

Just ask yourselves how many GS-15’s it takes to issue and manage an IT contract…for a product that is almost always sub-par, duplicative, clunky, and, above-all, EXPENSIVE….

Simply put, we need radical contracting reform that is focused on accountabily, trust, and mission accomplishment. Byzantine rules cannot be the answer! The spector of fairness and corruption when tax payer money is involved leads to an incredibly complex contracting system that leads to centralizing contracing functions within agencies, which, in turn, leads to over-burdened bueracratic contracting shops that care more about the rules they follow than they do about the programs they are supposedly supporting. This is a vicious cycle that essentially makes programmatic excellence impossible. Congress, OMB, and policy wonks everywhere, please take note…

Congress has to understand that it must craft rules that encourage trust AND accountability between all parties (Congress, Agencies, and Contractors)…There is no other way for a government program to peform well no matter how worthy the policy end…especially when we try to accomplish policy goals through the contracting process itself…

So…this means Congress has to trust government leaders by crafting broad and simple rules (as in, thou shalt not commit corruption), while requiring complete transparency and accountability on how money and resources were eventually deployed and the performance that resulted.