Kristin Anderson

A small start would be fixing up the Wikipedia article: Government procurement in the United States.


A concerned citizen or civil servant not currently involved in procurement reform needs a basic overview of the current situation to figure things out.

Basic information for beginners would be something along these lines: USG purchasing in 2013 was estimated at roughly this level. The laws governing this process are … ; the principles in these laws are … ; major differences between public sector and private sector purchasing are … ; the people and organizations who conduct procurement activities are called … ; the typical steps in the procurement process are … ; plus a few paragraphs giving examples about how procurement works in different agencies. For more information, see the article “Request for proposal,” etc…. ; This information is taken from the following sources … ; see these helpful links and overviews for futher information.

Happy to assist anyone willing to attempt this rewrite, if you e-mail me. (I know very little about procurement, but do know about editing Wikipedia.)