Earl Rice


I have to agree with you and share your opinion. Under no circumstances would I trust a TSA employee with a gun. Not even a toy rubber gun. (I say that bearing in mind that in a former career, I was a police officer…yes I have done many things in my life). If they tried to do the required background checks to arm the TSA employees, enforce physical standards (let alone physical fitness standards), they would loose half the TSA employees right off the bat. That’s even before they would send them to some sort of a law enforcement training facility. Seriously, go to Baltimore-Washington and walk around and look at the TSA employees. Not much different in Chicago, Atlanta, St Louis, Denver….and the list goes on. Just the thought of TSA people carry weapons makes me more afraid of them than Al Qaida. I would give up flying all together, unless I flew myself, if TSA employees are armed.