David B. Grinberg

Awesome post and questions, Steve. Here’s my 2-cents:

  • While it would be worthwhile for public servants to be recognized on a specific day, I don’t think that’s realistic considering the general outlook of the population regarding public service. I think it’s a shame that public servants are too often used like a proverbial punching bag and demonized for political purposes — when just the opposite should be occurring. Thus while I support a Public Service Day in theory, I doubt it’s practical with today’s unfortunate attitude toward public servants generally.
  • I don’t think public servants, except perhaps the President, will ever be held in such high regard as the military. However, agencies really need to shine more of a spotlight on all the mission-related good they do to benefit the public on a daily basis. This is especially true in times of national crisis, including responding to natural disasters, uncovering terrorist plots, etc. In short, Uncle Sam needs a PR makeover on steroids, so to speak.