David B. Grinberg

Thanks for your comments, Tim. You make an excellent point about the walk-in service, which may be lost upon most politicians in today’s digital/mobile age. But this makes perfect sense, especially considering all the technical problems with the rollout of Healthcare.gov.

Additionally, opening store fronts in indigent parts of the country would really help those most in need of affordable care to obtain it. Let’s remember that there is still a digital divide in America and — despite all of today’s IT advancements — not everyone has access to the Internet in the first place. Again, this is especially true to low-income and poor segments of society which need affordable health care the most.

I also agree with your point about the states and lack of any uniform standards. Unfortunately, partisan politics appear to rule the day with nearly all Republican governors refusing to implement Medicaid expansion under the ACA. Kudos to Gov. John Kasich of Ohio who is one important exception, as reported by the New York Times.