David B. Grinberg

Belated thanks for your comments, Dale. A couple of observations:

1) While the ACA certainly appears imperfect at this time, at least we now have a comprehensive foundation to build upon and improve. We often forget that historic societal reforms take time to perfect and appropriately implement across-the-board. However, we must balance all the negativity surrounding the ACA to the cost of doing nothing — which I believe is far worse.

2) If we had true bipartisanship in Congress, for the good of the American people, then both parties would be able to forge consensus on the most effective solutions to fix the current problems — whether real or perceived. However, the unfortunate reality is just the opposite. One party simply wants to tear down the President and tear down the concept of affordable health care for every American. Moreover, what astounds me is that these partisan obstructionists in Congress apparently have no health care reform plan of their own. It’s much easier to tear something down than to build it up — especially when the primary reason is personal partisan political gain (which is an ugly shame).