Earl Rice

This is a true question. Landmark Bill that will be the legacy of an Administration, that was rushed through the legislative process, and as the Speaker of the House stated at the time: “We will have to pass it to see what is in it!”. [Boy that is scary!!!! Passing laws to see what is in it.]

My personal opinion doesn’t matter on this. And, I am more or less out of this fight (don’t have a dog in this hunt as those from the Midwest and the South would say) because my medical coverage is from the Department of Veterans Affairs (severely disabled Veteran), and my family is covered by Tricare Prime (from my retired Army service).

The majority of the American people say it is broke, most beyond fixing, and other see some hope. People I have talked to do like the “pre-existing condition clause” and the “coverage to children to age 26”. Buy. when you go past that, well, support all but ceases to exist.

My summation is either our elected officials will listen to the people and either fix it or nix it, or after the election it will be fixed or nixed. And, I always get scared, when the supporters of the bill when it was passed state: “We will have to pass it to see what is in it!”. I wish I had the time to read the 1,000 plus pages in the bill to see what is really in it (couldn’t they have been more succinct, and what was it that took over a thousand pages to say). And, there is something in it that has the medical insurance companies running scared. And, I question if anyone in government has read all of it (or at least no one in the White House has anyway until recently). And, then taking over a 1,000 pages and flushing it out with all the Codes of Federal Regulation (aka CFR’s) to make it useable, especially since it appears no one in government has completely read it.

This will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.