David B. Grinberg


  • Despite the Affordable Care Act’s present problems, it’s still way too early to tell how it will stand the test of time. This should be the main barometer of Obamacare’s ultimate success or failure.
  • The real question now is whether Congress and the president can buck extremist elements at the fringes of both parties and find a comprehensive legislative fix?
  • Can Democrats and Republicans bridge the political divide and successfully compromise over the ACA’s future for the good of the American people? The answer is unclear.

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    “How can America continue to be recognized as the greatest democracy and leading beacon of freedom worldwide if we continue failing to providing basic health security for all of our citizens? Access to affordable health care should be a fundamental right for every American in the world’s richest and most powerful nation.”

  • Health Care Security is a Fundamental Freedom – PART I (July 2012)

    “No American should ever be denied basic medical care due to lack of income, pre-existing conditions, or other discriminatory factors. We are better than that as a nation and as a people. No American should ever be faced with the grim choice of paying for medical care versus putting food on the table. How could we uphold our nation’s long cherished values by leaving Americans who lack basic health care to wither away on the vines of desperation?”

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    “While public servants and many private sector employees are fortunate to have health care benefits, there are still approximately 20-30 million of less fortunate citizens among us. This group of Americans, many indigent and struggling to survive, has been in desperate need of medical care for far too long. In fact, you may know some of these people. They are your neighbors, friends, family, acquaintances, the unemployed and the under-employed. Yes, they are America.”

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    “Government has a responsibility that extends beyond national security to basic health security, as part of providing for the general welfare of America. Equal access to health care is more important today than ever, as the vast gap between rich and poor becomes more gaping to the detriment of America’s global prowess.”