David B. Grinberg

Jerry, thanks so much for sharing your insightful perspective. I agree with your point about the “people problem” which — as you note — may come down to a federal procurement system in needs of major overhaul.

Hiring contractors at the lowest cost does not necessarily equate with producing the best products and services — this is especially true of career contractors who have become too savvy at “gaming” the system.

I read somewhere that Apple spent about 10 times less money to produce the i-phone compared to the costs for Healthcare.gov. You’re correct about needing the best and brightest IT companies to handle a project with the scope, magnitude and importance of Healthcare.gov — whether that talent comes from Silicon Valley or elsewhere.

In hindsight, there may not always be a second chance to get it right. Further, in the world of public opinion often times first impressions last and perception is reality (whether warranted or not).