David Dejewski

Earl – it’s an honor. My Father-in-Law knew Hal Moore and several other notables personally. He was also a member of special forces with the hill tribes in Area C – three tours. Two tours in Korea before that.

30+ years and full bird Colonel later, he didn’t slow down. He started and built his own company to 1400 employees, and touched the lives of thousands before he sold that project to a major brand name in DC.

You’re right about the stories – and I’ll add “wisdoms” as a bonus. I’ve often said that I learned more from that man in five hours than I did in five years on the job.

I know well the treasures that are forged in the hearts of men and women who have met life on its terms at its ends. I would love to see those treasures appreciated and made real here at home.

Thanks, in my opinion, should be for more than just sticking our necks out or being prepared to do what no one else wants to. Thanks should be to the collective team for flexing human strength, ingenuity, and compassion past ordinary limits. They should be expressed through actions, more often and dramatically than by words.

Exercise your rights to chose and decide how you will live. Don’t be content to let others take away your rights, pervert truths, or bend our society to selfish ends.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke

I suppose I see the ongoing fight for our freedom playing out in the daily lives of ordinary citizens.