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Microsoft study shatters myth, says social media use increases work productivity
Does your boss say no to social media at work? A two-year study as well as a Microsoft survey suggest social media usage increases work productivity.

Does your boss frown on using social media while you are at work because it is a distraction that decreases productivity? Well you can tell him or her that’s a myth, since new results from a two-year study found that using social media at work actually increases productivity. A new Microsoft global survey agrees, “Nearly half of employees report that social tools at work help increase their productivity, but more than 30% of companies underestimate the value of these tools and often restrict their use.”

“First of all, we’re starting to understand the very premise – that social media usage inhibits productivity – is a myth,” Nancy Baym wrote on the Microsoft Research Social Media Collective blog. “It’s not just that the premise is wrong – we’re also learning that blocking and banning policies are ineffective, giving traditionalist supervisors a false sense of control that, in reality, has been slipping away for years.” Baym pointed out that a two-year study, “Exploring social network interactions in enterprise systems: the role of virtual co-presence,” found that using social media at work can enhance workers’ productivity.