Henry Brown

For those who don’t wish to wade through 16 pages of the report, here is some significant amount of information, with some commentary from the Naked Security Blog:

Microsoft has published its second Law Enforcement Requests Report, covering the first half of 2013.

The quick summary: not much increase over last year’s numbers.

A total of 37,196 requests were received, covering 66,539 separate users.

20.6% of the requests did not result in data being handed over, the bulk of the rejections being due to “no information found” rather than Microsoft resisting the demands of the police.

The US is well ahead of the field, with 7,014 requests affecting 18,809 users, but this is unsurprising given the number of US citizens online, well ahead of most other countries.

Others countries lots of hits include the major economies of Western Europe, with France, the UK and Germany all scoring fairly highly.

Brazil and Australia come in at just over 1000 requests each; Spain and Italy just under.