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    The 2012 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Result is released! Have you looked at your agency performance? I participated but thought it would be more effective and more accurate if OPM uses quality research methodology as well. The level of job satisfaction can be impacted by the nature of the job duties and agency mission or poor management of senior leaders or managers. I am interested in the association of these factors!!! What are accountability issues in relation to the survey results? http://lnkd.in/7nR7Mf

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    Steven Neal

    As long as your agency keeps improving in its annual survey outcome standings (up from 39th place to 37th…) it won’t matter what the specific issues are. The managers will only understand they’ve improved and that’s all that will happen. The exceptionally inept managers will not be fired, but very likely will get the ERR transfer they’ve wanted or promoted to a job that does not matter.

    My personal job satisfaction comes from knowing that I did a better job today than yesterday, and that every day I found specific ways to help my peers or supervisor do a better job tomorrow.

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