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    Catherine Andrews

    Hi all – we’re looking forward to 2015 in lots of different ways, especially in terms of our careers. I thought I’d kick off a thread for everybody share what they want to accomplish in 2015 in their careers.

    So: What is your #1 top career goal you are going to try to achieve in 2015?

    I’ll start: I want to do more public speaking, so I’m going to start attending a Toastmasters, and submit my name to speak at more events.

    Now, you go!

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    Organizational: Hear 10 government agencies say, “We’ve never done learning this way before…but we’re excited!”
    Personal: Learn (and apply) everything I can around becoming a world-class leader/coach/manager.

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    Tim Nolan

    Stay ahead of our planned projects this year – more proactive, less reactive. Have stories in the backlog that are “shovel ready.” Oh… and drop 20lbs.

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