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    *** Nominations ***

    The 9th Annual Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Results Awards

    Sponsored by the 1105 Media and the FEAC Institute

    The 1105 Media and the Federated Enterprise Architecture Certification Institute (FEACTM) are pleased to announce the ninth annual Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Results Awards, recognizing the impacts of Enterprise Architecture best practices on achieving efficiencies, greater effectiveness, transparency, increased collaboration or innovation in solutions to government missions’ outcomes. Nominations are encouraged from all levels of government, including U.S. federal, state, and local government organizations, as well as successful government programs outside the United States.

    Five awards will be presented:

    1. Leadership in Enterprise Architecture Driven Results – Government Project, Civilian
    2. Leadership in Enterprise Architecture Driven Results – Government Project, Defense
    3. Leadership in Government Transformation using EA – Government Project, Civilian
    1. Leadership in Government Transformation using EA – Government Project, Defense
    2. EA Hall of Fame – Individual Leadership in EA Practice, Promotion and Professionalization (open to current and former Government employees)

    Submission Instructions

    Upon completion, please re-save this document as a Word file and email the completed nomination form to: [email protected]

    Deadline for Awards Submission is 5:00 PM Eastern on Friday, October 21st, 2011.

    ONLY Nominations for Government Programs will be considered.

    Submissions should not exceed three (3) pages.

    Selection Criteria

    Each candidate program must provide a completed nomination form for consideration by the Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Results Awards Selection Committee.

    • ONLY GOVERNMENT submissions detailing how the discipline of EA has been applied to a complex enterprise problem will be accepted.
    • The Selection Committee will consider only those nominations providing complete information requested on the nomination form.
    • Submissions exceeding three (3) pages will not be accepted. If detailed program information is available on the Internet, please include a link.

    The Selection Committee, made up of FEAC Institute Faculty in “blind evaluations,” will evaluate all submittals for the awards to determine if it has:

    • Been implemented with demonstrated results and are actively IN USE (prototypes and pilot projects will not be accepted)
    • Solved major business integration problems and/or streamlined processes with measurable outcome results
    • Increased productivity and/or saved resources (time, funding, staffing, etc.), coupled to business cases (or Exhibit 300, as applicable)
    • Improved the quality, timeliness, and accuracy of services, as applied to a specific government enterprise’s business or mission
    • Realized organization-wide results (beyond a limited user group)
    • There were more enterprise-wide business and operational focused results beyond better IT or software architectures

    Note: Cloud, Data Center and SOA submissions will only be considered as contextually presented in HOW it used the EA discipline.

    The Selection Committee will NOT consider software implementation projects or software architectures NOT demonstrably driven from EA context. The Committee will not consider technology upgrades, cloud migrations or other technology implementations outside the context of specific business mission outcome results determined using the EA discipline. All EA award candidates must truly encompass a defined complex project using the EA discipline with an emphasis on meeting business or mission imperatives.

    The Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Awards will be presented Tuesday, November 8, 2011 during the Enterprise Architecture 2011 Conference, to be held at the Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner in McLean, Virginia.

    We look forward to receiving your nomination. Questions should be directed to Suzanne Young, [email protected] or 703-876-5103.

    The 9th Annual Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Awards

    Leadership Award Nomination Form

    Nominations must include the following information:

    1. Name of EA based project:

    2. Government Agency:

    3. Government contact and contact info:

    4. EA based project website, information portal and/or collaboration site address, if applicable:

    5. Name of nominator, affiliation, contact info:

    6. Summary of Enterprise project challenge (overarching strategic issue/outcome sought): 50 words:

    7. Summary of EA driven solution (50 words):

    The following narratives will be judged for award:

    8. Who derives the benefit(s) from this EA driven solution?

    9. What results and benefits have been achieved to date using the discipline of EA?

    10. Please explain how the EA discipline is being applied and how the appropriate stakeholders and business/mission staff were engaged?

    11. Why do you consider the results from this Enterprise Architecture driven solution worthy of this Award for Excellence?

    The 9th Annual Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Awards

    EA Hall of Fame Award Nomination Form

    This award will be given based on individual leadership in the promotion, professionalization, and practice of Enterprise Architecture over a period of time, and is open to current and/or former government employees who have not previously won. The nominators and/or endorsers need not be current or former governmental employees. The EA Hall of Fame Award Nomination submissions are limited to two (2) single spaced pages and must include:

    1. Nominee name, current contact information and positions or titles of relevance to nomination and time frames for each.

    2. Name of nominator, current contact information (email and phone number) and title/position. (Provide the same information for up to two additional endorsers for the nomination.)

    3. Description of the nominee’s contributions to EA practice, promotion or professionalism in government. Include accomplishments and other leadership activities that showed initiative, innovation and anything that promoted or advanced the practice of EA.

    The judges reserve the right to contact the nominator or endorsers of the nomination with questions or clarifications.

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