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    Shannon Kennedy

    I recently posted about the importance of female leadership and the influence of women in business competition. Wanted to share what Deloitte is doing to empower it’s female employees.

    Deloitte LLP is devoted to advancing female employees through it’s Women’s Initiative (WIN) which was launched in 1993. It is so inspiring to see a company dedicate itself to the advancement of women. Below is a great video that explains WIN.

    Every year, Deloitte documents the achievements of WIN in the Women’s Initiative Annual Report. This year, Deloitte reported that it has over 1000 women in top level positions including partners, directors, and principals. The firm has been awarded numerous accomplishments in the past year and plans for even greater ones in the years ahead. Hundreds of events have been produced by the initiative and Deloitte has been recognized by several organizations for it’s outstanding dedication to this empowerment movement.

    To read more about Deloitte’s accomplishments this year, check out the full Women’s Initiative Annual Report.

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    Terrence Hill

    Great video and I commend Deloitte on its WIN program, part of its comprehensive work-life integration. I toured Deloitte’s Washington office last week where employees are hoteling. We were briefed on the Career Customization program, where employees can dial up or down based on their personal needs and work ambitions. Great examples for all of us to follow! Thanks for sharing this video Shannon!

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