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    Bill Brantley

    A few tips on creating secure passwords, using temporary credit card numbers, and programs to help you locate stolen mobile devices – from Lifehacker.

    For very secure passwords that are easy to remember try using a password card. I have one taped to my monitor at work and it has been great so far.

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    Judy Connelly

    That is a great idea. I had never heard of this before. They are so right; using that easy to remember (and easy to figure out) password over and over again is not the way to keep things secure online!

    Thanks for this information. I know a few folks it may just help!

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    Bill Brantley

    @Judy – Thank you Judy! 🙂 I usually have to answer these kinds of questions from the relatives so I thought I would share my prepared remarks with the GovLoop community.

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