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    Steve Ressler

    GovLoop has teamed up with Federal Computer Week (FCW) to stage “The FCW Challenge.” We’re asking six questions, then presenting our community’s feedback to thought leaders for a direct response. Comments may appear in a final series of articles in the June issue of FCW.

    Up for Debate:

    A mandate for the cloud is wishing for pie in the sky

    CIO Vivek Kundra wants every agency to jump into the cloud, but can he put them off the plane? He doesn’t really have the incentives or sanctions he needs to make this happen.

    What do you think?

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    Srinidhi Boray

    Why engage with solution, when the problem has not been defined accurately. Some of the agencies have also concluded that the cost savings, cost avoidance for IT portfolio cannot be established. This is despite the fact that agencies had earlier engaged Gartner wasting millions of dollars to conduct IT Optimization studies.

    Erstwhile ITILOB Plan in the link below


    When agencies can successfully establish demonstrable clear cost savings and cost avoidance argument, cloud computing as a solution achieving “economy of scale” driven by design considerations might be the inevitable choice.

    Mandate must be for the cost savings in IT Infrastructure, Gartner study provides some of the options.

    Also, it must not be forgotten that cyber-security is a real growing concern. Google itself has been victim to nefarious attacks. This undermines security related to still unproven and yet promising cloud computing.

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    Henry Brown

    This is a Tad more difficult,

    as, IMO, was rather accurately described in a Redmon Magazine online blog

    Cloud computing may fundamentally change the way IT professionals do their jobs. Smart IT pros will be prepared for the upheaval to come.

    Suspect that this is going to make the power struggle over the distribution of PC’s to every desktop, thus the distribution of CIO’s power, look like children playing cops and robbers in the playground.

    MOST CIO’s who are NOT willing to change the way they have done business since the mid 80’s are going to fight this with all their energy. Especially after the epic battle that was won by the Technical people to re-centralize their power early this century

    What the final outcome MIGHT be, WHO KNOWS????? Have seen some minor indications in some agencies that some of the technical leadership who were all about CONTROL slightly loosing their grip but got a long way to go….

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    David Kuehn

    The business case needs to be clear. It make more sense for data shared among multiple agencies, across different levels of government or sectors where it provides a clear advantage over agency managed data storage. It also may make more sense with new lines of data.

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    John Monroe

    Here is a comment we received from Erich Darr over at FCW:

    DISA has been doing “cloud” computing on on the mainframes it maintains for DoD for some time. It’s a secure environment and it works within DoD. Having private companies or governemnt and private companies share a mid-tier server creates security issues that I don’t believe either are prepared to deal with at this time.

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