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    Dick Davies

    Traditional sales models have been one way, straight lines, “Qualify, Present, and Close,” funnels, playing fields, etc.
    Life has been giving me anecdotal evidence these are not accurate models. If you give enough presentations, you eventually have several where the buyer’s first question is, “How much is this going to cost?”
    Here are two answers from the straight line school:
    “I would be happy to answer that question, after I learn a little about your situation…” Not good.
    “I have to ask my spouse, er manager.” Worse.
    How about, “A quarter of a million dollars.” Buyer’s response, “OK. Can I get it in red?”
    A few months ago I read that seller-enforced regulations are designed to control the buyer…and that in an internet world, buyers are not interested in being controlled.
    Have you ever seen a door in a retail store that said, “Employees Only?” Perhaps you were looking for something that was out of stock on the shelves and that door was to the storage area. Can you imaging seeing something like that on Amazon.com?
    We know that a model is a simplified way to define a complex process. What would a new sales model look like? …


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