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    Corey McCarren

    After reading the blog post asking what three things people need to be happy at work, I noticed a lot of people (including myself) said “great co-workers”. My question is, how is this achieved while telecommuting?

    Also, I tried to find a related picture, but when this came up I decided it was definitely the one I needed to use:

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    Hey Corey – As a 7-year teleworker, I can tell you that you still definitely benefit from great co-workers from afar, whether it’s status updates or chatting or just picking up the phone and talking for a minute. In fact, great co-workers might be more important for remote employees because it takes a bit more work on their part to link you in, being sensitive to the fact that you miss the informal, impromptu conversations and fun. I feel like I’ve got that at GovLoop 😉

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