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    I recently attended a SGTP conference and one of the reoccurring themes of discussion was “what is the difference between a corporate traveler and a government traveler?” Resoundingly, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING at all. Being a travel professional, it is critically important that we are not making a distinction between our corporate and our government travelers, because they ARE in fact one in the same—business travelers.

    As a government travel supplier I am interested in what you are looking for when you travel on government business—please share with me your thoughts, needs, wants, etc. What do you look for in a hotel—what sort of amenities are you drawn to—what are your hot buttons–what is your favorite hotel brand–are you a member of a loyalty club (ie Priority Club/Hilton Honors)?

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    Steve Ressler

    I’m a Marriott guy. To me, #1 is free fast wireless internet. #2 is loyalty points. #3 is free bottled water.

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    Jill Denning

    Speaking first from my GSA travel policy/per diem role – I do of course look for the hotel to be at or below the per diem rate! Personally, I also agree that free internet is important since it may or may not be approved depending on the agency. I’m a member of pretty much every major loyalty club program, so that is not as much of an issue. As long as the hotel is clean and quiet and in a safe neighborhood, I am pretty happy!

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    Thanks for your response! Your 3 important things are VERY common amongst most business travelers. However, if you ever find yourself in Virginia Beach, maybe I can convert you from Marriott to IHG =) I will make a deal with you–sign up for Priority Club and if you are ever in the area I will give you double the loyalty points if you stay at my Crowne Plaza or Candlewood Suites–just contact me directly. IHG just underwent a HUGE re-branding of the Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express properties a lot of the hotels that were dated were kicked out–so Holiday Inn products have gotten a facelift.

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    Per diem IS very important for the government traveler–and as of this past year many hotels are offering per diem or lower for economic reasons. The hotels I work for offer per diem year-round and have done so since I have been there, which is going on 4 years now–even though we are in a seasonal area. Actually–the Crowne Plaza I work with even throws in a breakfast with per diem.

    Free internet is one of my hot buttons too! Most of the hotels that charge for internet appear to be luxury or upscale facilities operating on an a la carte system. I also enjoy free parking!!!! Another one of my hot buttons! Luckily for me–both of my VA Beach hotels, the Crowne Plaza and the Candlewood Suites, have free internet and free parking,

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