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    Jaime Gracia

    A recent RAND study shows that, contrary to the conventional wisdom, the acquisition work force has grown steadily since the early 1990s. According to the study, the lack of a consistent definition of the acquisition work force skews the data that may lead the Pentagon to hire people who are not really needed, or to neglect to hire in areas that are more critically understaffed, the study suggests.

    Here is the link to the study: “Shining a Spotlight on the Defense Acquisition Workforce — Again.”

    Interested to hear thoughts from the community.

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    Steve Ressler

    Interesting….I’ve only seen the reports saying the opposites.

    Part of it is the rise of COTRs as a collateral duty that probably isn’t counted as official titles have nothing to do with contracting.

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    Jaime Gracia

    The issue is that the acquisition workforce is being counted to represent a growing list of capabilities by the study. Traditionally, it id the 1102s that are “acquisition workforce,” but that needs to change to include the capabilities in the study. Nonetheless, what is left out of the RAND study is performance outcomes on this “growing workforce,” which clearly needs retooling to be successful long-term.

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