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    Lauren Modeen

    How do we move from collective intelligence to collective action, and from think-tanks to do-tanks?

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    Joseph Porcelli

    What if we thru out our ideas as apposed to not sharing them for fear of looking stupid?

    What we asked for help and input instead of pretending we know the answers?

    What would be possible if we let others contribute and lead with us?

    What if we celebrated action, and, we celebrated failure?

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    Neil McEvoy

    Hey Lauren

    My suggestion is we should create an ‘Open Government Maturity Model’, to enable it to be more widely replicated and acted on.


    Cheers, Neil.

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    Bill Brantley

    @Lauren – It will always be a slow process. There are many more talkers than doers in any organization. The fear of change and the fear of failure is just too daunting for most folks.

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