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    Patrick Sisk

    Good Morning All:

    I am currently in the contracting career field in the federal government. Soon I will be exploring a change in agency and career series. However, in a few months, I will be completing an internal rotation in a different career field. I hope to add this rotation’s competencies to my resume. What is the most effective way of doing so to show the HR specialist that I fit in the new career field I am applying for (either budget, program management, or finance)? Thanks!

    Patrick Sisk

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    Steve Ressler

    Good question…

    I’d definitely put in on your resume as a separate section and title (like as if you worked there for a year)

    I’m curious – what other career fields are you interested in? What makes you want to change from contracting?

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    Patrick Sisk

    Budget Analyst, Financial Analyst, Program Analyst, Policy, etc. I’m currently getting a dual master’s (MBA/MA in HR) so each of those I could easily transition into. I want to draw on the HR degree in order to become a great manager. I would like to change career fields for a number of reasons: impending DOD cuts, redundancy in day to day work, lack of training opportunities, and a general exploration of how other career fields/agencies work. I want to look at the big picture of government business so in the future I can make real changes drawing on past experiences. The only way I can achieve that is through a broad experience.

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