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    Wayne Segal

    Is anyone using, or thought of using, Google AdSense, Amazon Associate, or other affiliate advertising on their blog or website and how has that worked out? An elected official asked if we could monetize our social media sites and it seems that these sites and services are geared more to individuals than to organizations or government agencies, especially with regard to providing taxpayer ID numbers to AdSense.

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    Ari Herzog

    Never thought about it — but if an elected official is receiving money from XYZ affiliate marketer, that not only requires a disclosure but begs the question of the marketing program influencing policy.

    I’d be doubly concerned if a candidate for elected office runs such a program, as campaign finance reports require names and addresses of donors.

    The only way I’d see it legit under current rules is if the program belongs to an individual and that individual can share his/her name and street address.

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    Steve Ressler

    Interesting. I’ve heard of some government agencies using AdWords to bring more traffic to their site. But not the reverse – using AdSense to generate revenue for city or agency.

    My guess is that there is some sort of conflict of interest b/w government and having ads. Although now that I say that…TSA does have ads in their bins in lots of cities. And city buses have ads.

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    Don’t cities typical utilize outside companies for transporation services? Last week (and it is still continuing through Aug 15th) here in Phx. the public received notice that transportation services may be impacted by labor negotiations with a union threatening to strike within Veolia Transportation Services. I wonder if this holds true for all cities/counties that bus service employees are not government employees!?

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    Wayne Segal

    I’m sorry. In re-reading my posting I’m afraid that I wasn’t very clear. This is not an elected official’s blog; it’s the city’s blog. Its purpose is to help facilitate two-way communication with stakeholders and contains articles about the city’s programs, volunteer opportunities and special events and projects. It is not political. Advertising on it would not be much different from advertising on the city’s website proper, which some jurisdictions do. It’s also not much different from accepting advertising in print publications. The difference is that these blogs are hosted by someone else – in this instance, Blogger -and that service – and AdSense – are geared toward individuals since to sign up for AdSense you have to supply your taxpayer ID number. The real question is has anyone found a way around and what has been their experience. I hope that clarifies my inquiry.

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    Wayne Segal

    I don’t think there would be a conflict of interest. Government agencies – at least municipalities – already accept advertising in their print publications and on their websites. That said, it is my understanding that if you have a dot gov domain, you cannot accept advertising. That isn’t the issue here; it’s more like services like Blogger and AdSense are set up more for individuals than organizations and has anyone found a way around that and what has been their experience.

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    I get bad vibes putting ads on government websites. I know many states/cities are facing a budget crisis but I’d be leery of crossing that line

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    Phyllis Wolfe

    If you are using a .gov website, the policy states: No non-Government Advertisements: A Gov Internet domain may not be used to advertise for private individuals, firms, or corporations, or imply in any manner that the government endorses or favors any specific commercial product, commodity, or service.

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