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    Trevor Reaske

    According to a recent Government Business Council (GBC) survey, results showed that government project delays are often caused by slow IT implementation, and 72% of respondents acknowledged that their agencies remain dependent on outdated systems.

    Check out the report here:

    I was curious to get some feedback on the findings. What do you think?

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    Bill Brantley

    Nothing new here. These results demonstrate three points to me:
    1) Clinger-Cohen has to go.
    2) More formal project management training and PMPs in charge of government IT projects.
    3) More accountability for IT contractors.

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    Henry Brown

    Agree with Bill in that there is NOTHING new here.
    would add :

    4) more accountability for Government Program managers
    5) don’t reward failure by promotions,in the case of Government Program Managers.
    6) don’t reward failure by new contracts by IT Contractors
    7) more/better communication(s) between all players

    Would help reduce the delays and outright project failures.

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    Tracy Kerchkof

    Agreed, not surprising at all.

    I would like to second More formal PM training and PMP’s in charge of gov’t IT projects. We have people here who are managing IT projects that they don’t understand, or can’t even use.

    Also, something has to be done about the contracting process. The contractors we hire are inadequate, a lot of times we are paying them to learn instead of paying them to do something they are good at, which is the whole point of hiring a contractor. Unfortunately, the contracting process is so cumbersome, and its written off as unimportant by superiors, which exacerbates the problem.

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