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    Shannon Kennedy

    As a new hire who is just starting out in the working world, I’ve noticed a lot of changes and responsibilities coming my way. I’m entering a whole new world of health and wellness responsibilities. Gone are the days when Mom and Dad would keep up with my health appointments and health records. I know I have a ton of papers floating around somewhere with my personal health history, but honestly, the idea of sifting through folders and papers before finding a new doctor seems daunting and really time consuming.

    Today there are apps and online databases for literally anything. I came across this personal health record feature that Aetna provides. It’s online, organized, and interactive. Basically, this tool allows a patient to keep all of their medical history updated and in one place. The database is updated with every visit to the doctor and a copy can even be printed out and given to a new doctor that a patient visits. Check it out.

    Also, Aetna has gone mobile! Say you are leaving the doctor and want to figure out how much your prescription will cost. You can also find doctors in your area.

    Aetna provides a few other tools which are great for users, but I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorites. Aetna’s making the medical transition easy for young professionals as well as new hires.

    What do you think? Which feature is your favorite/the most beneficial to your situation?

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