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    Lisa A Gates

    I am trying to find out how many agency’s use their internal homepage as the first thing employees see when launching their Agency’s Intranet browser? Or do you have a choice to change your homepage? It is the opinion of some in IT that locking down the ability to set your agency’s internal homepage on the Intranet is restricting. In my agency, our homepage is where we communicate what’s going on within the agency and plays a huge role in internal communications. What are your thoughts?

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    Steve Ressler

    Good question – others?

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    Steve Ressler

    In my past experience, the default was Agency Intranet on browser. Which was good since 90% never change default. But if you were super into changing, you could find your way to setting something else

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    We did have ours set this way…..somewhere along the way with server changes etc. it got changed. I think it was better to have it default to our home page.

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    Julie Chase

    We have an agency Facebook page. There was an interesting article about a young Marine getting an award. There was a link to read the whole story, but it was BLOCKED. I emailed the webmaster and said the link didn’t work. I received a “curt email” stating, “You are violating the terms of allowed use on government furnished IT. The agency facebook page articles and information are not considered “permitted use” on government property. You may use your personal computer from home to access the article.” –webmaster

    It’s really not a war, it’s more of an access issue. I say, get rid of the agency FB page, as no one can click a link or comment on anything.

    As for internal homepage when clicking on the internet browser, (so far, crossing fingers), mine comes up as Yahoo, I changed it, otherwise the setting is automatically on Bing. Also changed the background, I’m not looking at the NMCI logo, the bane of our existence.

    If we want to communicate, we do it the old fashioned way, use the phone, email, or yell across the office. lol Keeping in mind, that email is FOUO, as is the phone and are subject to monitoring. No accessing your yahoo, gmail, hotmail or whatever. No IM chat here. No streaming Pandora or Spotify, no thumb drives, no hooking up your smart phone to the computer to play your favorite tunes no GovLoop. We can get to FedTimes, Govexec and FedSmith. GovLoop is BLOCKED.

    We use Share Point, for what it’s worth.

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