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    Lucas Cioffi

    To the Open Government Community,

    You are invited to Open Government: Strategies and Tactics from the Play Book. This will be the first in a series around the Open Government Directive and specifically designed to create a community of support for implementation.

    Who: Those who are blazing the trail of open government– this first event is for pioneers who have already begun work prior to the Open Government Directive being released.

    Why: Successful implementation of the Open Government Directive will require a sustained effort by the open government community. This series of workshops will build upon previous conferences to foster sustained knowledge sharing among open gov pioneers until the open government movement goes mainstream within government.

    What: This event will provide space for conversation about effective open government practices that have already been implemented, with an eye toward the upcoming Open Government Directive. Video and slides from all the presentations will be compiled into an evolving resource entitled the Open Government Play Book that to which anyone may contribute.

    When: November 16, 2009 from 9:30am-12:30pm

    Where: Martin Luther King Jr. Library, Room A5, 901 G Street NW, Washington, DC and streamed live online.

    * 90-minute lightning round of 5-minute presentations by open government practitioners working within government agencies. (Presenters must be government employees at the federal, state, or local level. Full-time contractors who work within government agencies are also eligible. Presentations will last 5 minutes and cover a specific implementation effective practices for making government more transparent, participatory, or collaborative.)

    * 60-minute discussions about the release of the Open Government Directive.

    RSVP here:

    Please note, this will not be a fancy event. Participants should come for good conversation and to listen and learn from each other.

    This event has been planned with the advice from the 60+ members of this Google Group. Lead organizers are Lucas Cioffi (AthenaBridge), Stephen Buckley (, and Kaliya Hamlin (

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    Lucas Cioffi

    To federal/state/local govt employees,

    We have a few slots left if you have an agency project that you’d like others to hear about on Monday Nov 16th. Presentations can be patched in remotely through a Web conference if you’re not in DC.

    Current presentations include work from the EPA, DOT, TSA, DoD, CDC, GSA, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, PlainLanguage.Gov, and others.

    Here is the link to signing up as a participant, presenter, or for the Web cast:


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