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    Candace Riddle

    Today mail bombs were delivered to a State Building in Annapolis, MD and to the DOT in Hanover, MD. I didn’t know anything about it until a friend of mine in South Carolina sent a text asking if everyone here was OK.

    About 2 hours after the event I sent a text to my friends who live in Annapolis. Neither of them had heard about the incident and they live and work right there.

    About 3 hours later the UPS man came to pick up our daily shipment at the office. I asked him if he had heard about it…to which he replied he had not heard anything.

    How does something of this magnitude, allbeit isolated, not get communicated to local citizens, and workers (i.e. people who handle the mail) in a timely fashion? It seems to me that if there was an APP FOR THAT, citizens would be able to be more aware, and the attention of employees handling the mail or other shipments might be a little more sensitive to suspicious activity.

    So…is there an APP FOR THAT?

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    Stephen Peteritas

    Not that I know of but it sounds as simple as what they do on college campuses after the Virginia Tech shootings. Collect phone numbers and send a text blast. I’m sure mail companies have their employees cells… not that hard doesn’t even need to be an app.

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    Sam Allgood

    This prompted me to search for one for my Android and I found TerrDroid …, which scans several of the large newspapers for stories and has an alarm/notification system built-in.

    Also found Patriot App for the IPhone …

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    Candace Riddle


    Kudos…ask and you shall receive on GovLoop. Thanks for sharing. Now the next question is….If they exist…why does the public not know about them? And how effective are they really at fighting terrorism or warning citizens, if they aren’t being used? How do we spread the word?

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