Any tips on gov’t summer internships?

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    Steve Ressler

    I was recently contacted by a MPA student looking for any resources on gov’t-related summer internship.

    Her ideal was federal government but she said open to all angles (state/local gov, gov’t related nonprofits and consulting companies)

    Any suggestions?

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    Terrence Hill

    Not sure if or how many Federal agencies are hiring for the summer but I recommend checking the new Pathways recruitment search on USAJOBS – If they are planning to hire summer interns, here is where you would find them. As of today, there are 110 vacancy announcements.

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    Steve Ressler

    Great link – will share.

    Any suggestions on state/local level?

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    Cathy Berg Moeger

    Likely each state has it’s own website. In Minnesota it is Search on the term “internships” or “student workers”.

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    Britt Ehrhardt

    FCN has been tweeting about opportunities at @FedCommNetwork.

    Here’s a recent one: @FedCommNetwork

    MT : hiring a intern – work on social media projects w all mission areas of gov

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    At the local government level look for jobs labled as short term duration or extra-hire, typically they are the entry level jobs. Otherwise start networking, that’s how we get the majority of our interns and is how I started 20 years ago.

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