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    Steve Ressler

    I ran into my friend today who is rolling out a big collaboration system internally to his agency this week.

    He was looking for tips on how to build engagement. How do you get people to use it?

    Any suggestions?

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    Ori Hoffer

    GSA just did this same thing, launching Salesforce Chatter. Some of the important things that I could see (I was not on the implementation team) were:

    1) Start small – pick a group or two to beta test so you can find any issues that may be unique to your organization before opening it up to the whole agency.

    2) Have a team in place ready to answer all the questions that will come flooding in from the newbies AND have a FAQ ready and easy to find.

    3) Set up a reverse mentor program where certain individuals are ready to help senior management get started with the product. If upper management is using the tool, and they see the value in it, so will everyone else.

    4) Be sure to open it up to some non-work topics as well. I created a “Fitness Friends” group so people could share and talk about their workouts, find running partners, etc. Useful information, but it was also a great way to learn how to navigate the system, posting to groups vs. everyone, tagging names, asking for assistance, etc. – without potentially screwing up something work-related.

    5) Share success stories. The IT team worked with the communications office on a series of feature stories highlighting how using collaboration tools like this can help your business/project/cross-channel communications. These features were sent out to the entire agency via email newsletter and promoted on our internal website to let everyone know what was happening.

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    Joe Flood

    I wrote about this in an article called Should You Yammer? Having a reverse mentoring program is a great idea. Also be prepared for the inevitable freakout when someone posts something “wrong” to the network. I would stress that to succeed the network needs to be open to fun topics (like fitness) as well as more serious matters. Keeping it open to all for just about everything will encourage participation. Sort of like GovLoop! Good luck!

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    Peter Cholakis

    First… please define “big collaboration system”.

    Second…. make it easy to use….

    Third… place all “required forms/activities” on it where it makes sense.

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    Bill Brantley

    Yes. Just wrote a blog posting that could be helpful.

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    Claudia Louis

    As has been mentioned here…definitely ‘think big, start small’. Start with a small group that is receptive, and can help identify and iron out any teething problems. Plus some early signs of success from a small group would encourage others to join.

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    Greg Keidan

    People like gamification- award people badges or other virtual “awards” or recognition for participating. Or step it up a notch and offer actual prizes (free lunch, etc.) for people who contribute the most or have the “best” ideas. People like systems where they can take part in prioritizing input by voting on other people’s input.

    They should probably hire me to provide expert advice! 😉

    Greg Keidan

    Public Engagement Consultant

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    Jenn Gustetic

    Here are a few blog posts about organizational change management that might help…


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    Dennis McDonald

    Excellent tips also, make sure a good mobile experience is available, and make sure basic usage metrics are tracked.

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