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    Please see –

    1. Long list of their “apps” that include project tracking & reporting, collaboration, customer feedback, dashboards, and much more

    2. 2007 story about their products

    3. Description of their security system

    4. Pricing model – basically everything is free to try, if you want
    more functionality you pay very slightly more…they just want to be
    everyone’s comprehensive solution

    5. Comparison chart (not mentioning Zoho) – established companies like Microsoft and Google don’t seem to stack up

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    Hillary Hartley

    Zoho rocks. Great alternative to the Google cloud “stack.”

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    AJ Malik

    Absolutely. Both Zoho and HyperOffice are established SaaS business office productivity contenders to Google Apps, Microsoft’s BPOS, and IBM’s Lotus Live. The fact that their respective Cloud business models have allowed them to successfully compete against their giant counterparts, is a testament to the rapidly evolving Cloud marketplace. In fact, they could be potential takeover targets by their competitors, the price for being able to successfully thrive against Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

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    Bill Brantley

    Zoho has been making great apps long before Google Docs appeared on the scene. More variety and better performing apps than Google and without all that pesky invasion-of-privacy that comes with the Google account.

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    Thanks. Is it FISMA compliant? Officially used in government?

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    AJ Malik

    I believe Zoho is an Indian company and HyperOffice is from Maryland. Neither are industrial strength enterprise solutions, but rather personal or business solutions.

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