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    Kirsten Miller
    blogs, blogs, and more blogs
    I think I am going to pass out here soon…

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    Cindy Lou Baker

    Hi Kirsten, The excitement is still building with me. I don’t have as many accounts as you do though. I do get a bit worried when I find I already have an account somewhere that I didn’t remember creating! (Although I did create it). Do you keep your passwords all in one place? Sometimes I forget to write one down and it’s really a pain having to get it back. When I think of all the time this has saved though, I’m still happy about it all.

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    Brad Blake

    YES! And you forgot wikis. What about WIKIS??? 🙂

    I was just talking about this with a few people last night (Sarah Bourne, Ari Herzog, Andrew Krzmarzick) last night. Wasn’t a long conversation – but gist of it was that that’s one of the next sweet spots – to create better ways/apps to pull all of this together.

    Though I’m not complaining, I feel it doubly sometimes because I’m trying to balance managing those things for the Governor’s Office and professionally/personally for myself…and they all cross over in many ways…jumping between tweetdeck and twhirl and twitterberry and twitpic and making sure I know which account I’m on, that what I’m updating hasn’t already been posted, etc. (and that’s just for Twitter)!

    If you end up making that one app to pull it all together, let me know. THAT I’d be willing to pay for.

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